TVwidgets 1.0

Access widgets for Sky News, NBC and MTV


  • Features widgets for CNN, Sky News and other major channels


  • Requires installing TV channel widgets seperately
  • Selection of channels is of mixed quality

Not bad

If you're a big fan of watching TV on your dashboard, then TVwidgets may be of interest to you.

However, it doesn't actually allow you to watch any TV channels within the widget. Rather, it lists different widgets for different channels which you can download as external widgets to be installed. The mix is quite odd - you have huge channels such as Sky News, NBC and MTV News but then obscure ones like "M" channel, Star Wars and Kris TV.

However, the general mix is quite good offering alternative channels too such as C-Span and Nasa TV. Some channels feature a description of the channels whereas most do not. It's a bit annoying that you need to install the widgets separately - it would have been much better if you could activate and watch the widgets within TVwidgets.

The choice of channels is a bit hit and miss and you will need to install the channel widgets separately but TVwidgets at least has a few decent channels in there.

* More TVwidgets added * New Design


  • * More TVwidgets added * New Design

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TVwidgets 1.0

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